"Make good art with good people"

Rory is a composer, producer and multi instrumentalist best known for his film score work, explorative sound compositions and as songwriter and guitarist is award winning experimental rock band ‘And So I Watch You From Afar’. 

Blurring the lines between tradition and experimentation Rory makes urgent, heartfelt music. He has provided music for a swath of projects throughout his career in film, television, video game, sound installation commissions and live immersive experiences. Rory has written and produced a host of critically acclaimed releases internationally with his film scores having been released through legendary Lakeshore Records. 

Through solo and commissioned pieces in 2022 and 2023 Rory has also established himself as an artist at the forefront in surround sound and immersive audio experience. His critically acclaimed sound and film installation ‘All Together; All Alone’ had a month-long residency in Belfast’s W5 Science Museum. He produced the sound and video work "HOME" with award winning Director Ross McClean, commissioned by UNBOXED / Our Place in Space and Produced by Dumbworld. His live Dolby Surround concert “All Around Us” premiered in SARC as part of NISF in Feb 2023, it was the first of its kind in the country and was performed alongside his ensemble of frequent collaborators Michael Keeney and Arco Quartet. Since this show Rory has gone on to create several more concert in breath-taking locations exploring live immersive sound experiences. His latest immersive project “Portal” (A collaboration with Melbourne based digital artist Nate Hill) is launched in Dubai’s world-famous Art In Space Gallery in December.

In 2019 he wrote and produced ‘Jettison’ - a 50 minute long live AV work for 8 musicians and string quartet with accompanying visual world created in Unreal Game Engine by artist Sam Weihl (Mogwai/Actress). It opened at a sold out Queen Elizabeth Hall at London’s Southbank Centre. 

Rory grew up on the rugged coast line of north Antrim in Northern Ireland. He resides in East Belfast with his wife Rachel where he has his studio. His Parents Jill and artist Julian Friers have three children of which Rory is the eldest. Rory developed a love for music through his dad’s record collection of seventies prog rock albums and through the plethora of musical instruments that inhabited the family home. 



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